Friday, November 16, 2012

Your Doing Something Wrong, And Don't Even Know It

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."--Albert Einstein

If you are sick, and not well. You are doing something wrong.  Our whole dynamic, our whole being is meant to thrive.  That is how the human body works.  

You can't do the same thing and expect something different in return.
You are doing something wrong. If your sick, and if you want to get better. You have to change what you are doing.  

I was very sick.  I wanted nothing more, than to get better.  I was ready. I am telling you this because there are many people who are comfortable in their sickness.  They are saying "there is nothing they can do", "this is what life handed them", "these are the cards that were dealt", and my favorite "My doctor said there is nothing I can do".

So if this is what you believe or if it's what you want to believe, then you are not doing anything wrong.  You are living your life, the way you want.
But for those of you reading this, and you truly want to get better.  You have to change what you are doing.

By the way, I'm here to tell you, it is not a magic pill!  I'm sorry.  Pharmaceuticals are more toxins for your body.  Your body CAN NOT handle anymore toxins.  You're working so hard everyday, on trying to detox it all out. Your body doesn't even have a chance to try, and fix your sickness.  You need a relief, it needs to stop, beings so busy, on trying to detox poisons, so it can start doing, what it needs to do, to get better.  We don't even have to know what is wrong. That's what our body will do, it will go where it needs to go, to fix whatever is wrong. That is what, our bodies, are designed to do.  

So what now?  Where are all these hidden toxins? ,, So we can start eliminating them. So we can get out of our own way, and let our body do its job, to get better.

We’re all toxic, it’s just a matter of how severe.  The more toxic someone is, the more sick that person is.
We are not designed for this toxic overload, of a world we live in, today.

Maybe if it was done gradually over thousands of years. Then by evolution, we would have evolved, and it wouldn't be an overload for us.  But we to quickly became a toxic world, to fast, and its killing us.

If you think you are sick because of your genes, you are wrong.  It has nothing to do with your genes.  Ok maybe you are predisposed for your disease.  Maybe it is easier for you, then someone else, to catch what you caught.  But make no mistakes about it, that is not why you are sick.

Did you know that most people diagnosed with breast cancer, does not even have the gene for it. Many don't even have, a gene for, any type of cancer, yet they have breast cancer.  So you see you are not sick because of your DNA.  
You are sick because of what you are doing, you are doing something wrong, whether you know it are not.  

Most people don't even know, what they are doing wrong.
Are you doing the obvious things wrong, you know you shouldn't, like smoking and drinking?

Are you doing things like, drinking your water from the tap?  Or do you think it's good because you drink bottled water, but is it bottled in Plastic?
Still buying conventional foods full of chemicals and GMOs?
Maybe you stopped eating meat, and animal foods, which is a very good move, but do you now consume a lot of soy?
Are you still using deodorant, with parabens and aluminum?

When ordering from a restaurant, do you know if they are using recycled vegetable oil? As a way of cutting costs. Or get this,,, as a way of going green?  That's what the companies are calling it.  The companies that are selling them filtered used oil, from the bottom of the fryers that other restaurants already used.  That's just nasty!!  
Which by the way just multiplies and condenses all the carcinogens in them, making it more, and more poisonous. 

So you see maybe, you thought you were doing things right, but you had no idea.
Maybe you had no idea that as of 2004 food distributors no longer have to remove their food products from their warehouse when spraying for bugs or during fumigation of rats and pests?,, even if the food is exposed! ,,,They only have to remove them if the food is organic!

It is so sick, what we are allowing without our knowledge.

So now do you see? ,,,You are sick because of what you are doing, and more than likely, you don't even know you're doing anything wrong.

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